Safety initiatives

Safety is intrinsic in everything that we do at Winnipeg Fleet Management Agenty (WFMA). Managers, supervisors, and employees are held accountable for safety by monitoring performance and progress on a regular basis. WFMA builds safety leaders by continuous training and education. Workplace hazards are addressed immediately through participation of our workforce and safety committee members who monitor our safety processes and systems. Our safe work culture is reflected in being the first City of Winnipeg department and self-insured organization in Manitoba to become SAFE Work Certified. By working together, we have made our workplace safe for employees, customers, and contractors.

Procedures to protect the safety and health of employees in the workplace during contracted work are required by the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act. These procedures must include criteria for evaluating and selecting contractors, as well as monitoring contract work. There are three elements to the program:

  1. Evaluation and selection of the contractor based on criteria established by the City of Winnipeg.
  2. Development of SAFE Work plans by the contractor. These are reviewed by the City of Winnipeg.
  3. Monitoring to ensure that contract work proceeds safely and according to agreed-upon requirements.

Please visit the City of Winnipeg's Contractor Safety Page for more information.

Safe work certified