Operation Identification

Have you ever wondered what happens to property that is seized by the police? In many cases it is destroyed or auctioned, simply because it cannot be traced back to its rightful owner.

Ensuring your valuables are uniquely identifiable makes it easier for us to get recovered items back to you. It can also aid in any criminal code cases.  TakeAction by taking steps to engrave valuables with an identifier such as your driver’s license.

It doesn’t guarantee your valuables will not be stolen, but it does make items more difficult to dispose of because they can be more easily traced.  For example, did you know every item that is taken into a pawn shop must be checked against our stolen property records? 

Take part in Operation Identification

  • Email or call the Crime Prevention Unit at 204-986-6322 and ask to borrow one of our engravers at no charge. Each station has an engraver you can borrow as well.
  • Engrave and take photos of your valuables, ensuring any unique markers are clearly visible. Using your driver’s license number is the best identifier as it is searchable and may help us reunite you and your item.
  • Complete the inventory form(s) that come with the engraver, filling in the make, model and serial number of all the items you engrave. Keep a copy in a safe place.
  • Place Operation Identification decals that come with the engraver on your windows and doors. This lets potential criminals know your articles are marked for identification.

For more information email or call the Crime Prevention Unit at 204-986-6322.    

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