Police record checks

Online applications

For applicants to use the online system:

  • You must be a resident of Winnipeg
  • You must be a resident of Canada for at least one year
  • The agency is registered with the online system
  • Have proof of your current Winnipeg address
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Police record check/ vulnerable sector check policy

Online Criminal Record Check

Agency registration for the online system

Agency registration
UPDATED: JUN-05-2023
  • Criminal Record Check applications are processed in order of date received
  • We are currently processing applications received on MAY-29-2023
  • We do not provide timelines regarding specific applications
Please note that more complex Record Checks or those that require further research may be delayed.

In person applications

WPS accepts Criminal Record Check Applications at Police Headquarters located at 245 Smith Street (main entrance off Graham Avenue) Monday to Friday 8 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Closed holidays.

Identification requirements

An applicant must provide two (2) current pieces of identification, one of which must be government-issued and include the applicant's name, date of birth, signature (where applicable), photo, and expiry date.

Below are the identifications accepted by the Service.

Photo identification

You must provide at least one of the following:

  • Driver's license
  • Manitoba identification card (issued by Manitoba Public Insurance)
  • Passport
  • Permanent resident card
  • Secure certificate of Indian status card
  • Refugee Protection Claimant Document
  • Single Journey Travel Document issued by the Government of Canada

Other Piece of identification

  • Health insurance card (issued by a province in Canada)
  • Certificate of Indian status card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Card (or Citizenship Certificate)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence
  • Work Permit or Study Permit issued by the Government of Canada
  • Single   Journey  Travel  Document   issued   by   the Government of Canada
  • Social Insurance Card (or SIN Confirmation Letter)
  • Firearms License for Possession & Acquisition
  • Military Service Identification Card (CFOne Card or Veteran’s Service Card)
  • Nexus Card
  • Fast Card (Canada Border Service Agency)
  • Manitoba Metis Federation Card

The Police Information Check Unit will not disclose to a third party – any specific information will be disclosed to the applicant only.

Contact information

Mailing address:

Chief of Police
Winnipeg Police Service
Attn: Police Records
P.O. Box 1680
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2Z7

Email Police Records

By phone: 204-986-6073

Vulnerable Sector Search

The Winnipeg Police Service can only complete Vulnerable Sector Searches for residents of Winnipeg.  If you reside outside Winnipeg, you must attend your local police agency to have the search completed. 

Vulnerable Sector Verification is used to determine the possible existence of a criminal record and/or a sexual offence conviction for which an individual has received a pardon.

With recent changes made by the RCMP in this search, it will result in more individuals having to submit fingerprints to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records to complete the verification.

For a complete list of recent enhancements the RCMP have put into effect please see the RCMP website.

Did you receive an "attend" letter?

If you receive an "attend" letter after submitting your application, follow instructions. 

Individuals are requested to "follow-up" and attend the Customer Service Unit for a variety of reasons. Follow-up requests may be related to:

  • submission of fingerprints to confirm or eliminate a criminal record associated to an applicant’s information
  • Failure to submit a self-declaration form if you have existing criminal conviction(s)
  • submission of fingerprints for the Vulnerable Sector search to confirm or eliminate a pardon associated to applicants’ information.
  • A vulnerable sector check is conducted as part of a criminal record check. It is a search of records suspended (formerly a pardon) sexual offences. The vulnerable sector check is national RCMP policy and requires applicants who have a combination of name and/or gender and/or date of birth as a pardoned/suspended sex offender to undergo fingerprinting to verify their identity. The vast majority of those fingerprinted will not have a pardoned/suspended sexual offence; however fingerprinting remains a necessity as it eliminates the possibility of an offender changing their name to circumvent a criminal record. This is not an accusation of criminal activity or guilt; fingerprints are used to confirm your identity only. Please see the RCMP website for more information.

NOTE: The above information cannot be discussed over the phone; however the Police Information Check Unit will disclose this follow-up request when you attend.

What databases are searched?

The Winnipeg Police Service uses two search mechanisms:

  • NICHE- Local records of the Applicant's involvement with Winnipeg Police Service (Police Information Management System)
  • C.P.I.C. - The Canadian Police Information Centre system and R.C.M.P. National repository in Ottawa.

This Police information check only provides information found at the time of the check, on the above listed systems. The Winnipeg Police Service does not guarantee completeness of the information, as we are limited to information available on these systems.

Police record check for immigration purposes

If you require a police record check for immigration purposes you can attend Police Headquarters at 245 Smith Street (Graham Avenue entrance) as this is the only way we can process your application – you cannot apply online with our ePIC system for immigration purposes.

Public - non-criminal fingerprints

Persons requiring fingerprints must attend to the main floor customer service representatives and pay the required fee of $68.00.  The R.C.M.P. charges an additional $25.00 processing fee.

Be sure to retain your receipt.  If you should require ONE additional set of prints within the following 12 MONTHS, you will be charged only the $25 RCMP Processing Fee.  The ORIGINAL RECEIPT MUST be presented at the time of payment.  Note:  this is only good for ONE additional set of prints from the time of the original purchase.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Persons must then attend, with payment receipt, to the Identification Unit on the main floor to have their fingerprints taken.

Two pieces of valid Identification are required.

A photograph must be taken at the time of fingerprinting to process most fingerprint requests.

For fingerprint forms from other countries which require a photograph, the applicant must provide a passport quality photo in the correct size before fingerprinting can be done.

Criminal record transcripts

To obtain a transcript of convictions recorded in the local Winnipeg Police Records Management System, attend to Winnipeg Police Headquarters, located at 245 Smith Street.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Closed holidays

  • Attend to one of the Customer Service representatives - pay the required fee of $58 and obtain a receipt.
  • An electronic fingerprint of the two index fingers will be taken

A criminal record transcript will be mailed in approximately 10 business days.

To obtain a transcript of convictions recorded in the National Repository of Ottawa through the R.C.M.P.:

  • Attend to a customer service representative on the main floor and pay the required fingerprint fee of $68.00 plus an additional $25.00 processing fee which is charged by the R.C.M.P. Ottawa. Obtain a receipt.
  • Attend to the Forensic Identification Section on the main floor with your receipt.
  • Prints will be sent electronically to Ottawa. The results will be sent to the Winnipeg Police Service which will be sent to your home address.

Incident confirmations

If you require a police incident number – please call our public line in the Records Compilation Unit at 204-986-6073 and leave one detailed message, or send an email to WPS-Records@winnipeg.ca.

If you require a Police Report Confirmation you must attend Winnipeg Police Service Headquarters located at 245 Smith Street and complete Form P-14 Winnipeg Police Service Police Report Confirmation Request. You must produce current, valid and acceptable identification as outlined on the Winnipeg Police Website and pay a fee (link) prior to obtaining the requested information.

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