June 2020 Media Releases

Date Release
June 30 Shooting Investigation - Public Assistance Requested: C20-141541
June 29 MISSING PERSON: R20-33504
Weekend Overview: Friday Evening to Sunday Night
June 26 Interprovincial Illicit Drug Investigation: R20-019423
June 25 Suspicious Person - Investigation: C20-145637
Indecent Act - Arrest: C20-146805
Assault with a Weapon - Public Assistance Requested: C20-136793
June 24 Homicide - Arrest: C20-141689
June 23 Homicide Arrest: C20-113477
Fraud/Scam - Public Advisory
June 21 Homicide - Investigation: C20-141689
June 20 Stabbing - Investigation: C20-141689
June 19 Fire Investigation: C20-141667
Missing Person - Noreen OSBORNE: R20-20392
June 18 Reopening of Police Headquarters
Aggravated Assault - Investigation: C20-140022
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-140618
June 16 Commercial Robbery - Arrest: C20-138579
Animal Call - Assistance: C20-138688
June 15 Stabbings
Aggravated Assault - Arrest: C20-122185
Aggravated Assault - Arrest: C20-133853
Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision - Arrest: C19-213196
Home Invasion - Arrests: C20-135710
Shooting - Investigation: C20-136737
June 12 Warrant - Public Assistance Requested
June 11 Gun Incident - Arrest: C20-133832
June 10 Assault with a Weapon - Public Assistance: C20-122185
June 9 Firearms Manufacturing - "Ghost Guns": R20-24663
Firearms Trafficking - Arrest: R20-20418
June 4 MISSING PERSON - Kierra Hather: R20-24034 - Located
Missing Person - Eduardo Balaquit: C18-117917
Homicide - Public Assistance Requested: C20-113477
June 3 Stabbing - Investigation: C20-125905
Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-125771
Motor Vehicle Collision - Investigation: C20-125868
June 1 Missing Person - Sonya Duck: C20-120244

Constable Jay Murray, Public Information Officer
Constable Dani McKinnon, Public Information Officer
Constable Claude Chancy, Public Information Officer
Kelly Dehn, Manager of Public Affairs

Office: 204-986-3061
E-mail: WPS-PIO@winnipeg.ca