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Winnipeg Police Service


Not sure what to include in your narrative, please have a look at the below samples for each incident type and the information we are looking for.


I live at 123 Street (ADDRESS). On Dec 7th 2016 (DATE) at about 05:00pm (TIME) I went to get a shovel out of my garage and noticed the walk through door was open (HOW SUSPECT GAINED ENTRY). The door looked like it was kicked open, splitting the wooden frame (DESCRIBE DAMAGE, IF ANY). I noticed my red mountain bike (DESCRIBE WHAT WAS STOLEN) was gone. The serial number of my bike is #123456789 (PROVIDE IDENTIFYING MARKS or SERIAL NUMBER). I saw an unknown male with dark hair and black jacket riding away on my mountain bike when I came out of my house. I don't know who that may be.


I live at 789 Street (ADDRESS). On Dec 7th 2016 (DATE) at about 07:00pm (TIME) I went to my garage and noticed that someone spray-painted my large rear garage door. The spray paint stated (DESCRIBE GRAFFITI) "JETS SUCK". I have no suspects. I have included a photo of the graffiti image.


On Dec 7th 2016 (DATE) at about 7:00pm (TIME), I parked my vehicle Manitoba License plate: ABC123 on the front street of 123 Street (ADDRESS). The next day, on Dec 8th (DATE) at about 9:00am (TIME) I noticed my back window on the passenger side (DESCRIBE DAMAGE) was smashed. Nothing else was stolen from the vehicle. I have no suspects in this incident.


On Nov 7th 2016 (DATE) at about 7:00 am (TIME) I parked my vehicle Manitoba license: CBA123 at the rear of 155 Street (ADDRESS). When I returned to my vehicle at about 09:00am (TIME) and noticed my driver side window (DESCRIBE DAMAGE) was smashed. My black Nike gym bag (DESCRIBE WHAT WAS STOLEN) was stolen from the back seat of my car. I had my black Nike size 8 runners (DESRIBE ARTICLES THAT WERE STOLEN) and my black wallet was in my gym bag that was also stolen. I had my Manitoba Driver's license and Birth Certificate in my wallet. The total value of items stolen was about $150.00 (VALUE OF STOLEN ITEMS). I have no suspects.


On Dec 7th 2016 (DATE) at about 7:00 pm (TIME) I was driving my vehicle southbound on Main St and I was stopped at a red light at Broadway. I observed a Red Chevy Cruze with Manitoba License plate: LMN456 (DESCRIBE SUSPECT VEHICLE) going Eastbound on Broadway swerving in and out of lanes and hitting the median curb as the vehicle approached Main St. The vehicle then turned Northbound on Main St. and drove through the red light (DESCRIBE THE OFFENCE). The driver of the vehicle was a female in her early twenties, with brown short hair (DESCRIBE DRIVER).

Fraud – Scam under $5000.00
Should you become victim of a Fraud Scam such as (Advanced Payment, Computer Anti-virus, Charity, Family member in need or emergency funding, Employment scam, Extortion, Fake cheque,  Grandparent, Identity Theft, Internet scam, Lottery prize, Relationship, Rental Property, TAX Canada Revenue Agency,…etc.) please use the below as a guide. We understand that your circumstances may not exactly fit, do your best describe what happened.

  • How contact was made and when (email, phone, in-person, social media)
    • On August 1, 2018, (DATE) at 3:00 pm (TIME) I posted an ad on Kijiji looking to rent an apartment in Winnipeg with a possession date of September 1, 2018.
    • On August 1, 2018 I received a (text, email, phone call, etc) from someone claiming to be…
  • Name and email address / phone number/username of suspect if provided.
    • The same day, I was contacted by John Doe by email address , phone number 123-456-7890 and we communicated via text, email and phone regarding his property for rent at 123 Anywhere St.
  • Type of payment requested. (eg. Deposit into bank account, wire transfer,  iTunes card, Bitcoin)
    • He said that I had to send him $3000.00 for the first month’s rent / damage deposit and requested that I send it by (iTunes cards, wire transfer, Bitcoin, deposit cash into CIBC account number 1123456 transit number 987).
  • Payment Action taken.
    • On August 2, 2018, I purchased $500.00 in I Tune cards and emailed the number on the back of the card (NUMBER ON BACK OF CARD), I attended to the Western Union at 123 Main Street and wired $1000.00 to account number 456789 transit number 627 to John Doe. (ACCOUNT / TRANSIT NUMBER, NAME AND PASSWORD IF REQUIRED)
    • I attended to the CIBC branch located at 654 Main Street Winnipeg and deposited $1000.00 into the bank account that he provided. (ACCOUNT NUMBER / TRANSIT NUMBER)
    • I then went to a Bitcoin machine at Soap’s Carwash at 321 Front Street (LOCATION OF BITCOIN MACHINE) and deposited $1500.00 into Bitcoin wallet (ID# or upload image of QR code)

Fraud - Failure to Provide Services
On June 26, 2018 (DATE), I located a company called WeDoRoofs on Kijiji.  I contacted the listed phone number of 204-999-1234 to get a quote on a new roof for my house located at 123 Street (ADDRESS).  On June 28, 2018 (DATE) at 11:00 am (TIME), John Theman from WeDoRoofs came to my home to give me an estimate. Mr. Theman quoted me $5500 for the new roof and told me it was his busy season, but he could have the work done in the next two weeks if I give him a $1000 deposit. I agreed and provided Mr. Theman with a cheque for $1000.  The cheque cleared my account two days after I gave it to him. Six weeks have now gone by and I have not heard from Mr. Theman and the roof has not been completed.  The phone number I contacted him on is now out of service and I can't locate WeDoRoofs on Kijiji or on any computer search.
Fraud - Use of payment device under $5000
On (DATE), I became aware that my CIBC VISA (payment card, cheque) had been used multiple times without my authorization at several businesses in the City of Winnipeg during the month of May. I have (or do not have) the actual card in my possession.  I have never(if yes - identify the person) provided anyone the security code (PIN) for my card. I have contacted my financial institution and they (have/have not) reimbursed me for the loss.


Last Update: December 14, 2018

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