Affordable housing opportunities in Housing Improvement Zones

Affordability is an important aspect of housing. It ensures that housing is available to Winnipeggers at all economic levels without compromising other basic household needs. It is an investment in the strength of our city.

The City of Winnipeg invites non-profit housing providers to participate in the Affordable Housing Opportunities in Housing Improvement Zones program.

This program makes surplus City-owned lands available at discounted rates for affordable housing development in the Winnipeg’s five Housing Improvement Zones (HIZs): William Whyte, Spence, West Broadway, Centennial, and North Point Douglas neighbourhoods.

Housing Improvement Zones

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Through this program, properties may be purchased at no less than 50 per cent of the assessed value (subject to inventory cost recapture). Up to six lots offered under this program may be sold for as little as $1 for affordable housing developments that meet net zero energy efficiency standards to the satisfaction of the City's Office of Sustainability to support the City-led Local Energy Access Program.


OurWinnipeg is the City's 25-year development plan and vision for the city. The plan recognizes the importance of a healthy housing market poised to meet the current and future needs of Winnipeg's population.

Access to safe, affordable, and adequate housing is a basic need and critical feature of health and well-being of Winnipeg residents. Affordable housing contributes to built environments that create complete communities and a high quality of life.

One way the City can contribute is by making land available to support the efforts of non-profit housing providers to in turn create affordable housing opportunities. The Affordable Housing Opportunities in Housing Improvement Zones program is an extension of a previous pilot project called the William Whyte Pilot, which made City-owned surplus lands available to non-profit housing providers in the William Whyte neighbourhood under similar terms. The two-year pilot program ended in January 2020.

Eligibility requirements

This program is available to registered non-profit housing providers in Winnipeg. Proponents must demonstrate the project will be affordable and that mechanisms will be in place to maintain affordability for a minimum of 20 years. Projects that can demonstrate funding from any level of government under an affordable housing program will be deemed to meet this requirement.

Application process

Properties will be made available to participating non-profits through sales opportunities on the Planning, Property & Development property listings page.

Properties will be marketed individually over time and eligible non-profits are invited to make offers they become available. As per program details approved by Council, accepted offers shall be no less than 50 per cent of the assessed value, with the exception that a maximum of six lots can be sold for $1 to support net zero development to the satisfaction of the Office of Sustainability. As per a Council decision on February 24, 2022 the boundary for $1 lots for net zero development has been extended beyond the HIZs to include applicable properties located within the Map of Energy Poverty/ High Poverty Areas provided below.

Map of Energy Poverty/ High Poverty Areas
Housing Improvement Zones

Offers will only be accepted by non-profits. However, if no interest is received on a listing, the property may be sold at a future date on the open market. Individual listings will provide submission parameters, including submission deadlines. Offers will be considered based on the strength of individual proposals, including affordability targets. In the event there are multiple proposals for a listing, preference will be given to non-profit organizations who have not yet benefitted from the program or have benefitted less than other others. This is to ensure fairness by including as many non-profit organizations as possible, and to achieve a variety of affordable housing types.

How to apply

To submit proposals for lots available under the Affordable Housing Opportunities in Housing Improvement Zones Program, please review the Planning, Property & Development property listings page.