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List of licensed mechanical contractors

The following is a list of all mechanical contractors licensed by the City of Winnipeg. In order for a contractor to acquire a permit, he/she must be on the list below, however the presence of a name on the list does not confirm that a permit has been obtained.

The only way to determine if a mechanical contractor is authorized to do specific mechanical construction in the city is to confirm that a mechanical permit has been obtained for the project.

Contractors: If your information is incorrectly listed, incomplete or missing, please notify us at

Mechanical contractor licence types

  • M1 licence contractors may obtain permits for work on HVAC systems.
  • M2 licence contractors may obtain permits for work on sprinkler fire protection systems.
  • M3 licence contractors may obtain permits for specialty mechanical systems for which they are manufacturer certified. E.g.: commercial kitchen exhaust, solid fuel appliances, fire suppression systems, paint spray operations, dust collection systems, fume hoods, etc.
  • M-Prime licence contractors may obtain permits for work on HVAC systems or sprinkler fire protection systems where the work is to be performed by:
    • an M1 licenced contractor - for HVAC systems, or
    • an M2 licenced contractor - for sprinkler fire protection systems.

List updated: 2024-07-17

Contractor nameBusiness nameLicence type   
Audette, DanielAAA Heating & Ventilation Inc.M1
Balcaen, TomBalcaen and Sons Ltd.M1
Baldwin, SeanIndustrial Ventilating Contractors Ltd.M1
Barnard, RyanInfinity Fire Protection Inc.M2
Barr, BrendanJB Plumbing and HeatingM1
Beliveau, Ronald10104554 Manitoba Inc. o/a Prime Fire Systems Inc.M2
Bewer, DanielCanopy Fire Sprinkler Inspections and ServiceM2
Boissoneault, MarkTradesman Mechanical Services Ltd.M1
Borsboom, GordonParsons Plumbing & Heating Co. Ltd.M1
Boulet, NormBoulet Sheet Metal LtdM1
Bouwman, ChristopherIntegrity Fire Protection Ltd.M2
Broesky, DavidAir Master MechanicalM1
Brooks, CaseyPro- Western MechanicalM1
Buhler, AlisonReliance Home ComfortM1
Buhler, Kevin
Buhler, MelvinBuhler Air IncorporatedM1
Busch, TrevorFreedom Sprinkler Inc.M2
Campbell, KeithGreat West Ventilation Inc.M1
Charney, RonShandron Mechanical & Fire SystemsM2
Chmil, MichaelKM Sheet Metal 7070480 Manitoba Ltd.M1
Christianson, TimothyMonarch Mechanical Services Inc.M-Prime
Church, WilliamC. F. Mechanical ServicesM-Prime
Craigie, CliffSouthwest Fire ProtectionM2
Craigie, ReidPinnacle HVAC Inc.M1
Derksen, BrianDerksen Plumbing & Heating (1984) Ltd.M-Prime
Desrosiers, TroyShorty's Plumbing & Heating Inc.M1
Doan, DennisNaod VentilationM1
Dubay, JeffreyQuality Air ControlM1
Duncalfe, JaredDuncalfe Mechanical Ltd.M-Prime
Edmonds, MarkStanley Electrical & Mechanical LtdM1
Edmondson, DanielEdmondson Mechanical Inc.M1
Einarson, RyanWestwood Mechanical Inc.M-Prime
Everett, GrantT&D Enterprises Ltd. o/a Wescan Construction ServicesM-Prime
Faucher, KyleSouth East VentilationM1
Feniuk, BrianFirst Choice Heating and CoolingM1
Fowler, EvanDenko Mechanical LtdM1
Funk-Froese, KeithKeith's Custom Sheet Metal IncM1
Furlan, JoshuaConcept Mechanical Services Ltd.M1
Gierys, GeraldInterlock Mechanical Ltd.M-Prime
Glover, MatthewLegacy Mechanical ServicesM1
Gobeil, JaydonGobeil ContractingM1
Grabowieski, MichaelSimplex GrinnellM3Michael Grabowieski
(Simplex Grinnell) Limited to the recertification of ANSUL R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System design, installation, recharge and maintenance of the ANSUL R-102 restaurant fire suppression system only. (expires Jun 28, 2025)
Grafeneder, JohnAccurate Heating and Air ConditioningM1
Gratton, LeoABCO Supply & Services Ltd.M-Prime
Gregorchuk, AndrewGregorchuk Mechanical Ltd.M1
Grundmann, JasonJB Plumbing and HeatingM-Prime
Grymuza, RafalActive Mechanical ContractingM-Prime
Gula, JohnJWH MechanicalM1
Harder, BruceE.G. Penner Building CentreM1
Harder, ChrisFreezen Cooling & Heating Inc.M1
Harlton, DanNorwest Metal Fabricators Inc.M1
Harris, ChadHarris H.V.A.C.M1
Hawkins, MatthewHarstone Heating & A/C Ltd.M1
Hay, ChadEmerald Sheet Metal Ltd.M1
Heglin, CraigKirkfield HeatingM1
Heidinger, JasonVent Air IndustriesM1
Height, Jonathan1671289 Alberta Limited O/A Titan Fire ProtectionM2
Hennie, KevinLowe Mechanical Services LtdM-Prime
Hennie, KevinLowe Mechanical Services LtdM1
Hodge, KyleSterling Plumbing & HeatingM1
Hueging, BenAir-Rite Inc.M1
Isfjord, ColbieActive Mechanical ContractingM1
Jeanson, DylanJKS Plumbing and HeatingM1
Jeanson, MarcelABC Fire and Safety LtdM2
Jolicoeur, MartinTrue Contractors/7021607 Manitoba Ltd.M1
Jones, ColeGlobal Mechanical Ltd.M1
Jur, RonJurron Sheet MetalM1
Karpiak, RobertPyrene Fire Security Man.M3Robert Karpiak
(Pyrene Fire & Security) Limited to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of Badger Range Guard Wet Chemical (exp. May 25, 2025) and Badger Industry Guard Dry Chemical (exp. May 26, 2025)
Karpiak, RobertPyrene Fire Security ManitobaM2
Kolodrupski, StephenABC Fire and Safety Equipment Ltd.M3Stephen Kolodrupski
(ABC Fire and Safety Equipment) Limited to the design, installation, recharge & maintenance of:
- ANSUL high pressure CO2 fire suppression system
- R-102 restaurant fire suppression system
- MONARCH industrial fire suppression system
- SAPPHIRE fire suppression system
(no expiry date)
Krahn, MikeKrahn Bros Sheet Metal LtdM1
Kratschmar, RonK-Mar RefrigerationM1
Krawchuk, JeffVipond Inc.M3Jeff Krawchuk
(Vipond Inc.) Limited to the installation, operation and maintenance of Kidde High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems (expires Nov 17/26) and Kidde Clean Agent Systems: Fluoro-K (FK-5-1-12) and HFC-227ea (expires Oct 14/26)
Kubic, DanVent Air IndustriesM1
La, PatrickInfinite Fire & Mechanical Inc.M3Patrick La
(Infinite Fire & Mechanical Inc.) Limited to the installation, service and maintenance of the Buckeye Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System, expires Dec 31, 2023 and Janus Fire Systems, Engineered Fire Suppression Systems (Novec 1230 Fluid), expires Dec.31, 2024.
Lachuta, JasonAction Mechanical Services Ltd.M-Prime
Lafreniere, LeoLafreniere MechanicalM1
Lafreniere, RolandLockport Heating and CoolingM1
Langlotz, KennethLSM Metal FabricatorsM1
Laurin, ArmandLaurin Sheet Metal Ltd.M1
Lawless, RyanBrown's Plumbing and HeatingM1
Lee, TrevorTyco Integrated Fire & SecurityM2
Leiss, KenDuckworth Sheet Metal (1998) Ltd.M1
Levesque, RyanEast Side VentilationM1
Libbrecht, Corbin
Litman, DarrylFreedom Fire IncM3Darryl Litman
(Freedom Fire Inc.) Limited to the design, installation, recharge and maintenance of Buckeye Kitchen Mister restaurant cooking area fire suppression system. (exp Mar 10/25)
Louden, Brad
Lovejoy, ScottLovejoy VentilationM1
Luce, DavidPipes Plumbing Services Ltd.M1
Lucko, NickTroy Life & Fire Safety Ltd.M2
Marchadour, JasonHarstone Heating and A/C Ltd.M1
Marchadour, JasonKTS Management & ConsultingM1
Marino, JohnPenguin Heating and Cooling #318M1
McCreery, ChristopherDCM MechanicalM1
McDonald, Andrew204 Refrigeration and MechanicalM1
McGregor, TylerAir Wise Inc.M1
McKinney, BrianWescan Electrical Mechanical ServicesM-Prime
McNeilly, IsaacSouth City Enterprises LtdM1
McWhirter, BruceA & B Mechanical Ltd.M-Prime
Melendez, FaustoAir Exchange Mechanical Ltd.M1
Melsted, KevinBasar Heating and A/C Ltd.M1
Memka, JimAccurate Fire and Safety Ltd.M3Jim Memka
(Accurate Fire and Safety Ltd.) Limited to the design, installation, maintenance & recharge of Amerex IS Industrial Fire Suppression Systems and Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems - KP/ZD only. (both expire Jan 2025)
Merke, CraigCobra Mechanical Ltd.M1
Mondor, DuaneAmbassador MechanicalM1
Montford, EricNorthwest VentilationM1
Moroz, DaveyD M Custom Metal WorksM1
Munro, DouglasGlobal Mechanical Ltd.M1
Murray, KevinLowe Mechanical ServicesM-Prime
Muth, SigConquest Equipment CorporationM1
Neufeld, RussEast Side VentilationM1
Neumann, HerbertPeak VentilationM1
Palahitski, GarryPalace Fire and Sprinkler Co. Ltd.M2
Pellaers, HarryPellaers Ventilation Inc.M1
Pellaers, KyleAtlantis CanadaM1
Pellaers, Ryan
Playford, WilliamMac-Tower Inc.M1
Puhach, DonSteelair Ventilation Ltd.M1
Ransom, RickRansom HVACM1
Read, RobBison Fire Protection Inc.M3Rob Read
(Bison Fire Protection) Limited to the design, installation, operation and maintenance of Badger Range Guard Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems. (expires Aug 31, 2025)
Reimer, TysonPenn-Lite Electrical & MechanicalM1
Rempel, RichardSouthern Comfort Mechanical Inc.M1
Richard, MartialVipond Inc.M2
Richardson, AaronCyrus Heating and Cooling Company Ltd.M1
Rocan, JoelPE Technologies Inc.M1
Rodger, Bill3075487 Manitoba Ltd. o/a NRG ManagementM1
Rogers, WilliamFire Tech Fire Protection IncM2
Rowe, KristopherPyramid Sheet MetalM1
Roy, ColinGateway MechanicalM1
Sigsworth, ColinBison Fire ProtectionM2
Skromeda, KristianBDR Services Ltd.M2
Skromeda, RandyClassic Fire + Life SafetyM2
Snowdon, DillonPyrene FireM2
St Laurent, JeffApex Heating & Air ConditioningM1
St. Goddard, JohnTessair Sheet MetalM1
Staerk, HarryH. StaerkM1
Steinbach, AlbertPrairie HVACM1
Stubler, Murray
Sutherland, RyanRoyal Mechanical SolutionsM-Prime
Tabing, AchillesInkster HeatingM1
Thain, RobertBlack & McDonald LimitedM-Prime
Thomson, David
Thordarson, MelvinMel's Heating and Air Conditioning ServicesM1
Tremblay, JustinEverlast Contracting & Services Ltd.M1
Trudeau, Joel
Tucker, Steven
Urick, RandyBornhorst Mechanical Inc.M-Prime
Van Damme, CurtisSouthWest Fire Protection Ltd.M2
Veldkamp, GlennNorwest Sheet MetalM1
Verplaetse, ChadJWH Water Services Ltd.M1
Verplaetse, ChadQuality Mechanical Services LtdM1
Vogen, JesseStanley Electrical and Mechanical LtdM-Prime
Wall, EricFreedom Fire Inc.M2
Wall, TommyTom Wall H-VacM1
Walld-Walton, JustinTaj IndustrialM1
Wasylyshyn, PeterRandall Plumbing and Heating LimitedM-Prime
Watters, JackReliable Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.M1
Wilzer, ReinhardWilzer Sheet Metal & Heating (1985) Ltd.M1
Yahiro, Chris
Yeo, DennisWes-Man MechanicalM1
Zinnick, TylerAbstract HeatingM1
Zinnick, TylerTy's Heating and CoolingM1
de Vries, SteveWeather Tech Heating & Cooling Inc.M1
Last update: October 13, 2023

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