Transcript for Development and building permit process video

Every project in Winnipeg requires permits to ensure they are built in compliance with codes, standards and bylaws, and in appropriate locations.

Permits are an essential tool that the City of Winnipeg uses to grant permission for residents and businesses to undertake new projects.

Most projects require two types of permits:

  • a development permit which governs the what of your project, and
  • a building permit which governs the how

A development permit application must show how you plan to use the site, as well as the size and location of any buildings or structures.

The application will be reviewed to confirm the project complies with the Winnipeg Zoning By-law, and other City departments requirements.

Building permits approve how your construction project will take place.

They require a review of detailed building plans and include mandatory audit inspections throughout the stages of construction to ensure your project complies with the Manitoba Building Code and other applicable codes, standards and bylaws.

Follow these three steps to apply for your permits:

Step 1: Land titles registration. Ensure you have a status of title demonstrating ownership of the land.

Step 2: Development permit approval. Depending on the type and location of your project, you may need a development permit before submitting a building permit application.

Step 3: Building permit approval. Building permits must align with prior development permit approvals and are required before beginning construction of building projects.

For an efficient permit process, make sure you've completed the application for both permits, and have the required fees, plans and other supporting documents ready for each submission.

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When considering any home renovation or building project, make a permit part of your plans.