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  • The Winnipeg Parking Authority will send a confirmation notice to the email address provided once the request has been processed and in effect. After hour submissions will be processed the following business day;

  • Parking prior to receiving confirmation of a completed request is done so at my own risk. Any tickets issued to the vehicle during this time would be considered valid;

  • Any request associated with the Applicant or the vehicle that has delinquent accounts or outstanding amounts and/or fines will be denied;

  • Any request submitted to add a plate over the permit limit will be denied;

  • Any temporary plate requests will be removed from the permit at midnight on the day specified in the "Temporary until" field. Requests to add a temporary plate will be automatically removed from the permit after 14 days. If further time is required, an additional request will need to be submitted.

  • I am responsible for any entry errors or omissions on this form.
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  Request Vehicle Update
  • To alter the vehicle(s) on your Contractor Permit a copy of the Valid Vehicle Registration is required.
  • If the vehicle is not registered to the same Business/Applicant as the original Registration, extra documentation may be requested prior to our office completing any licence plate updates.
  • If the request is to add an additional trailer, a fee based on the WPA fees and charges schedule will be due, prior to the plate being added to the permit.
  • If payment is required, WPA will contact the number provided above, to obtain the Credit Card information.
Delete Vehicle/Trailer Licence Plate Number
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  Required Documentation

Upload a valid MPI registration or copy thereof for the vehicle to be registered with this permit.
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Please limit the file to 2 MB, with ending .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .tif, or .bmp.
If the vehicle is...

1) registered to your employing company
  • Upload a letterhead from the company stating the applicant can purchase the permit on behalf of the company.
2) registered to your company
  • Upload proof of ownership (annual return of information would be sufficient)
3) not registered to a company
  • Upload letterhead stating you are providing home repair services and the vehicle is being utilized for contractor service within the City of Winnipeg; or
  • Other evidence that the vehicle is being used for the provision of contractor services such as Business Registration papers
Proof of Business Ownership
or Letter of Permission

Please limit the file to 2 MB, with ending .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, .tif, or .bmp.
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