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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Monday, October 2. View holiday hours for City of Winnipeg facilities and services.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Monday, October 2. View holiday hours for City of Winnipeg facilities and services.

Fraud & Waste Hotline
Report an Incident Online or Phone: 1‑866‑840‑5837


In accordance with the City Organization By-Law No. 7100/97, Audit reports are tabled at Executive Policy Committee; once the documents have been tabled they are public documents. If you require annual reports or audit plans prior to 2014 please .

For your convenience, all of our reports can be found under the following tabs:

Annual Reports

An outline and analysis of the Audit Departments activities in a calendar year.

Document Name Date of Report Date Adopted
2022 Annual Report 2023-03 2023-04
2021 Annual Report 2022–03 2022–05
2020 Annual Report 2021–02 2021–03
2019 Annual Report 2020-02 2020-05
2018 Annual Report 2019-05 2019-06
2017 Annual Report on Performance 2018-06 2018
2016 Annual Report on Performance 2017-04 2017
2015 Annual Report on Performance 2016-03 2016
2014 Report on Performance 2015-04 2015
Fraud & Waste Hotline Annual Report 2015-01 2015

Audit Plans

The annual plan for the Audit Department.

Document Name Date of Report Date Adopted
Audit Plan 2022-2023 2023 Update (Amended) 2023-01 2023-01
Audit Plan 2022-2023 2023 Update 2022-12 2022-12
Audit Plan 2022-2023 2021-12 2021-12
Audit Plan 2021 2020-12 2020-11
Audit Plan 2019-2020 - 2020 update 2019-12 2019-12
Strategic Plan and Audit Plan 2019-2020 2019-04 2019-04
Audit Plan 2018 Amended 2018-02 2018-02
Strategic Plan and Audit Plan 2017-2018 2017-01 2017-04
Audit Plan 2015 – 2018, 2016 Update 2016-03 2016
Audit Plan 2015 – 2018 2015-05 2015
Audit Plan 2011-2014, 2014 Update 2014-05 2014

Audit Reports

The Audit Department conducts examinations of the operations of the City and its affiliated bodies to assist Council in its governance role of ensuring the Public Service's accountability for the quality of stewardship over public funds and for the achievement of value for money in City operations.

Document Name Date of Report Date Adopted
Cybersecurity Audit May 2023 2023-05 2023-06
Implementation of Audit Recommendations Report for the Traffic Signals Branch Performance Audit, November 2010 2023-05 2023-06
Investigation into the City’s Use of Required User Car Allowance 2022-12 2023-03
Stores Audit 2022-10 2022-12
Urban Forestry Investigation 2022-09 2022-09
Intersection Signal Infrastructure Investigation 2022-09 2022-09
Water and Waste Department Investigation - Brady Road Resource Managment Facility 2022-08 2022-09
Fleet Management Audit 2022-06 2022-09
Municipal Cemeteries investigation 2021-06 2022-06
Automatic Vehicle Locator Investigation 2021-06 2022-06
Board of Revision Audit 2021–06 2021-09
Business Improvement Zone Governance Review 2021-03 2021-04
Contract Vendor Management Audit 2020–12 2021-03
Winnipeg Police Board Effectiveness Evaluation 2020-03 2020-06
Continuous Monitoring - Advisory Report 2020-04 2020-05
Independent Fairness Commissioner - Summary Report Recommendations 2019-07 2019-09
By-Law Amalgamation Audit 2018-06 2018-09
Safety Review of the City of Winnipeg Aquatic Services 2018-04 2018-09
Audit of the William R. Clement Parkway / Sterling Lyon Parkway Extension Project 2018-05 2018-06
Audit of the Legal Services Department 2018-02 2018-02
Audit of Procurement for the Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies Report and Review of the Employee Code of Conduct 2017-04 2017
Winnipeg Police Board Effectiveness Evaluation 2017-01 2017-04
Audit Department Peer Review 2016-12 2017-04
Emergency Mechanical Services Branch Audit 2016-02 2016
Fraud and Waste Hotline Performance Evaluation 2016-02 2016
Community By-law Enforcement Services 2015-09 2015
311 Contact Centre 2014-12 2015
Waverley West Arterial Roads Project Audit 2014-12 2015
City of Winnipeg - Real Estate Management Review 2014-06 2014
Quantity Surveying and Cost Consulting Services For Winnipeg Police Service Headquarters 2014-07 2014
Winnipeg Police Service Headquarters Construction Project Audit 2014-07 2014
Workplace Safety Audit 2013-11 2014
Operational Review of the Winnipeg Police Final Report 2013-10 2013-10
New Fire Paramedic Stations Construction Project 2013-10 2013
City of Winnipeg Operational Review of Public Works 2013-06 2013
Non-Monetary Real Estate Grants Audit 2013-01 2013
Safety Review of the City of Winnipeg Aquatic Services 2013-02 2013
Winnipeg Police Service Civilianization Audit 2012-10 2013
Review of the Assiniboine Active Transportation Bikeway 2011-09 2012
Review of Winnipeg Public Library Services 2011-10 2012
Review of the Hired Equipment Process 2012-06 2012
Audit of the Professional Services Contract with Winnipeg Airports Authority 2012-05 2012
Corporate Leadership Training and Development Audit 2011-09 2012
Animal Services By-Law Enforcement Audit Final Report 2010-12 2011
Fraud & Waste Hotline Research Study 2010-09 2011
Local Improvements Audit Final Report 2010-07 2011
Risk Management Audit Final Report 2011-01 2011
Traffic Signals Branch Performance Audit 2010-11 2011
Winnipeg Golf Services Final Report 2010-11 2011
Winnipeg Parking Authority Operational Audit Report Final 2010-11 2011
Business Resumption Planning Audit 2010-01 2010
Winnipeg Fleet Management Performance Audit 2010-01 2010
Building Permits & Inspections Service Audit 2009-09 2009
Capital Project Management Audit 2008-11 2009
Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Overtime Audit 2009-05 2009
Winnipeg Police Service Overtime Audit 2008-10 2009
Workforce Planning Audit 2007-12 2008
IT Security Awareness Assessment 2008-06 2008
Grant Administration Audit 2008-03 2008
Capital Assets Review 2007-04 2007
Ambulance Revenue Audit 2007-04 2007
Aquatics Revenue Audit 2007-01 2007
Permits Revenue Audit 2007-04 2007
Performance Audit of CentreVenture 2006-09 2006
Reserves Administration Audit 2006-12 2006
Public Works Asset Management Performance Audit -- Facilities Maintenance 2006-06 2006
Use of Consultants Audit 2006-06 2006
Photo Enforcement Program Review 2006-02 2006
Audit of the Special Operating Agencies Initiative 2006-02 2006
Last update: July 18, 2023

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