Zoning Field Officers

Zoning Field Officers are appointed as "Special Constables" under the Provincial Police Act and are mandated to ensure individual and community rights are protected through administration and enforcement of the City of Winnipeg zoning bylaws and various development bylaws and agreements.

Zoning Field Officers have the right and authority to inspect and enforce these bylaws and to issue Common Offence Notices for violations. They investigate and enforce City of Winnipeg bylaws including:

  • Board of Adjustment orders
  • Community Committee orders
  • Home occupations
  • Signs including:
    • canopy
    • fascia
    • mobile
    • free standing banners
    • wall painted
    • air supported
  • Locations and size of structures
  • Permitted and conditional land uses
  • Site development including:
    • parking
    • paving
    • loading
    • fencing
    • landscaping
  • Zoning memorandums

Note: The above list is not all-inclusive nor is it intended to exclude any other type of regulation/service.