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Transit bus delays and cancellations possible beginning Monday, Nov 27. Check your bus schedule online before heading out.

 Traffic alert: Arlington Bridge is closed to all traffic indefinitely. Use McPhillips Street Underpass or Slaw Rebchuk Bridge (Salter Street) to cross rail yards.

Transit bus delays and cancellations possible beginning Monday, Nov 27. Check your bus schedule online before heading out.

 Traffic alert: Arlington Bridge is closed to all traffic indefinitely. Use McPhillips Street Underpass or Slaw Rebchuk Bridge (Salter Street) to cross rail yards.

Licensed sewer and water contractors

The following is a list of contractors licensed by the City.

Contractors that perform work on services, or install services that connect to the City sewer or water systems must be licensed by the City.

Contact 311 for more information on how to become a licensed sewer and water contractor.

The City does not guarantee, and does not accept any liability or responsibility for, work performed or other actions taken by licensed contractors.

Company Mailing address City/Town Postal Code Office contact Phone no. Email
A1 Onsite Construction Ltd 6-1227 Redonda Street Winnipeg R5R 0E7 Madison Hopkins 204-451-4206 info@
A-1 WWF Construction Inc 23 Mowat Road East St Paul R2M 0M2 Jenn Fecio 204-668-1944 estimates.
Absolute Underground Ltd 1429 Logan Avenue Winnipeg R3E 1R8 Jack Zhou 204-880-8130 jack.zhou@
Accurate HD Ltd Box 189 New Bothwell R0A 1C0 Kyle Bacon 855-374-5548 tenders@
ACV Sewer & Water Inc 94 Peter Herner Bay Winnipeg R2V 4W4 Richard Avila 204-979-8182 richard@
Align Sewer and Water Inc 74 Myrtle Street Winnipeg R3E 2R1 Parm Muhar 204-510-9227 contact@
Alliance Underground Inc 50 Valde Avenue Winnipeg R2C 2K9 Maria Abreu 204-334-9500 reception@
Aloha Plumbing & Drain Services Inc 811 Rossmore Avenue West St Paul R2V 4T9 Julian De Jesus 204-890-7725 alohadrain
Al-San Underground Ltd 233 Wolf Avenue Winnipeg R2R 2Y5 Jennifer Bailey 204-694-4506 alsan@
Apex Underground Ltd 16 Westman Drive St Andrews R1A 1Z3 Mat Malbasa 204-509-9919 apexunderground
Atkins Underground LP 81 Lowson Crescent Winnipeg R3P 0T3 Marvin Denby 204-488-6870 marvin@atkins
Bang On Directional Drillers Inc 956 Redonda Street Winnipeg R5R 0J7 Alex Fernandez 204-831-0739 bangondrilling
Bayview Construction Ltd 4000 McGillivray Boulevard Oak Bluff R4G 0B5 Matt Rogers 204-254-7761 mrogers@bayview
Beaver Sewer & Water Services Ltd 1617 St. Anne's Road Winnipeg R2N 4G1 Justin Foy 204-257-0686  
Cambrian Excavators Ltd 33 Terracon Place Winnipeg R2J 4B3 Darlene Dudych 204-233-8033 ddudych@
Clean Line Sewer & Drain Box 49112 RPO Garden City Winnipeg R2V 4G8 Jeromy Peel 204-897-0777
Cox Construction Co Ltd 100 Lakeside Road Navin R5T 0E2 Patty Thompson 204-224-2092 bhoffmann@
Crown Pipeline Ltd 1076 Oxford Street Sunnyside R5R 0H9 Norman Alegria 204-222-6419 norman@
D&D Sewer and Water Ltd 28 Brooksmere Trail Winnipeg R2R 2Z7   204-791-7374 info@ddsewerand
Darco Group Ltd 37 Terracon Place Winnipeg R2J 4B3 Jonathan Peters 204-233-9760
Diamond Construction & Gravel 399 Hwy 12 North Steinbach R5G 1V1 Tim Giesbrecht 204-326-3456 tim@diamond
Dig It Up Sewer & Water 1054 Blair Street Winnipeg R2J 0H8 Darian Boyce 204-479-2406
Down Under Excavating Ltd PO Box 226, 23 - 845 Dakota Street Winnipeg R2M 5M3 Lois Harrison-Lowrie 204-791-2039 sonny.downunder
Eagle Eye Excavation Ltd Box 403 Elie R0H 0H0 Nicole Hardy 204-353-2458 eagleeyeexcavation
Earth Max Construction Inc Box 4236 Arborg R0C 3A0 Delbert Friesen 204-344-5760 estimating@
Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd Box 177 Blumenort R0A 0C0 Adrian Fast 204-326-9973 info@fastbrothers
Frick Construction Ltd 151 Burnett Avenue Winnipeg R2G 1C2 Shelly Savard 204-668-5161
Friesen Hauling Inc Box 1148 Steinbach R5G 1M8 Matthew Funk 204-326-9634 gil@friesen
Glenat Enterprises Ltd 260 Inglenook Road Winnipeg R4H 1C8 Gia Walker 204-837-6388 admin@glen
GME Excavation Sewer and Water Inc Box 49003 Kildonan Place Winnipeg R2C 5G5 Darcy Sigurdson 204-777-1833 darcy@rockport
J C Paving Ltd 3000 Main Street West St. Paul R2V 4Z3 Tony Teixeira 204-989-4700
J-Con Civil Ltd Box 50017 Winnipeg R2V 1M5 Justin Jones 204-344-5666 estimating@
JR Sewer and Water 34114 Rd 32 E Mitchell R5G 2M4 Jody Reimer 204-880-5326 jodyreimer@
Kings Services 49 Headingly Street Headingly R4H 0A8 Kyle Jonsson 204-663-9010 kyle@
Kyle Construction Ltd 5-2270 St Mary's Road Winnipeg R2N 3Z5 Carl Zylema 204-256-6368
M & J Backhoe Service Ltd Box 653 STN Main Steinbach R5G 1M5 Margaret Funk 204-326-8050 mjbackhoe1973@
Maple Leaf Construction Ltd 777 Erin Street Winnipeg R3G 2W2 Justin Bouche 204-783-7091 justin@mapleleaf
Mid Canada Earthworks Box 2191 Steinbach R5G 1N7 Dan Schulz 204-380-3205 midcanada
Mr Rooter Plumbing of Winnipeg 753 Henry Street Winnipeg R3E 1V2 Dino Silvestri 204-632-9434 winnipeg@
Nelson River Construction Inc 101 Dawson Road N Winnipeg R2J 0S6 Mike Huard 204-949-8700 underground@
Precision Earthworks Inc 156 Lindenshore Drive Winnipeg R3P 2M9 David Pauls 204-960-7553 info@precision
Red River Construction 2698 Saskatchewan Avenue Winnipeg R3J 3Z2 Neil MacDougall 204-889-6610 officeredriver@
Rocky Road Recycling Ltd 4000 McGillivray Boulevard Oak Bluff R4G 0B5 Matt Rogers 204-254-7761 mrogers@rocky
Roger’s Sewer & Water Ltd Box 2, Grp 40 RR2 Ste Anne R5H 1R2 Roger Bellerive 204-955-2548 rogersewerltd@
Sofa King Good Sewer and Water 200 Poneida Road West St Paul R4A 5A9 Martin Funes 204-999-2155 sofakinggoodsewer
Swift Underground 78 PTH 52 Steinbach R5G 1Y1 Josh Hildebrand 204-846-7984 estimates@swift
T K Sewer & Water 5-2270 St Mary's Road Winnipeg R2N 2Z5 Carl Zylema 204-771-6076 h2oboxfi@
Tri-Core Projects Manitoba Ltd 5-1595 Brookside Boulevard Winnipeg R2R 1V6 Kim Kuzenko 204-942-1516 kkuzenko@
Unger Excavating Inc Box 20039 Steinbach R5G 1R6 Derrick Fleury 204-326-3086 jeff@unger
Valard Construction LP 97 Nicola Drive Headingley R4H 0A9 Nicole Shymko 204-488-2244 agrenier@
We Love Plumbing Ltd 1352 Clifton Street Winnipeg R3E 2V2 Samantha Baril 204-654-6106 service@welove
Westgate Enterprises Ltd 95 Symington Lane S Navin R5T 0E3 Gary Audette 204-255-1000 garyaudette@
Westlink Sewer & Water Services Ltd 1027 McPhillips Street Winnipeg R2X 2K6 Harmeet Singh 204-586-2286
Wintec Building Services Inc 80 Lakeside Road Navin R5T 0E5 Jarrod Boscow 204-958-5728 jboscow
XL Excavating Ltd 55 Boys Road Sunnyside R2R 0J6 Graham Helder 204-222-5303 graham

List revised - November 20, 2023
Engineering Division - Technical Services Branch

Last updated: November 20, 2023

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