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Thanksgiving – Monday, October 9. View holiday hours for City of Winnipeg facilities and services.

Thanksgiving – Monday, October 9. View holiday hours for City of Winnipeg facilities and services.

Community Services

Community Centre Renovation Grant Program

Important changes to the Community Centre Renovation Grant Program

Effective 2023:

  • Applicants are encouraged to include a contingency amount in their project budget in case of unforeseen circumstances or increase in costs.

Effective Spring 2022:

  • The program has been expanded, eliminating the 50% matching funding requirements from community centres on revenue generating spaces and associated infrastructure (i.e. indoor arenas, ice plants, fieldhouses, and soccer complexes) until December 31, 2023.

Effective Spring 2021:

  • Community Centres will receive the second half of the grant payment upon verification of project completion by the City of Winnipeg, plus submittal of the Final Claim Form, complete with copies of permits (if applicable) and invoices.

Effective Fall 2019:

  • An additional $1.035 million in annual funding is available, for a combined total of $2 million.
  • The maximum funding threshold per project has increased from $50,000 to $100,000 (inclusive of all applicable taxes).
  • The program has been expanded to allow for the renovation of indoor arenas, ice plants, fieldhouses, and soccer complexes (50% of funding up to a maximum of $100,000).
  • The program has been expanded to allow for renovations to UFF-funded permanent outdoor hockey pens.

For more information, please view the Community Centre Renovation Grant Program Guide and Application form or contact the Community Centre Facility Coordinator at GCWCC.

The Community Centre Renovation Grant Program supports repairs, upgrades, retrofits, safety improvements and renovation projects at the City of Winnipeg Community Centre facilities.

View the Community Centre Renovation Grant Program Guide and Application form

Application Deadlines

Applicants can apply once every twelve (12) months. There are two intakes during the year:

  • Spring Intake – submission deadline is March 15
  • Fall Intake – submission deadline is October 15

Approved Community Centre Renovation
Grant Program (CCRGP) Projects

Community Centre Project CCRGP Awarded *
Spring 2023
Bord-Aire C.C. Main Hall Flooring, Actuator upgrades $85,245.00
Champlain C.C. Windows, Gym Acoustic Panels, Accessibility $76,443.00
Deer Lodge C.C. Hall Renovations $100,000.00
East Elmwood C.C. Interior Renovations $42,313.37
Gateway C.C. Rink Component Upgrade $100,000.00
Glenwood C.C. Arena Upgrades $81,921.00
Morse Place C.C. Doors and Window Upgrade $59,661.60
North Kildonan C.C. Hot Water Tanks & Furnaces $81,055.52
Northwood C.C. Gym Upgrades $33,222.28
Norwood C.C. Interior Renovations $49,336.66
Park City West C.C. Interior Upgrades $60,035.91
Robert A. Steen C.C. Interior Renovations $28,151.90
Southdale C.C. Lighting $52,500.00
Sturgeon Heights C.C. Bathroom Upgrades (Toilets only) $8,057.59
Tyndall Park C.C. Doors and Window Upgrade $99,170.40
Valley Gardens C.C. Interior Renovations $22,477.00
Vince Leah C.C. Exterior Lights, Security, Sign & Locks $85,304.00
Whyte Ridge C.C. Rink Lights LED Upgrade $96,980.00
Wildwood C.C. Exterior Walls $97,591.25
  Total Awarded $ 1,259,466.48
Fall 2022
Fort Garry C.C. Window Replacement $ 44,662.00
Norberry-Glenlee C.C. Rink Replacement $ 100,000.00
Robert A. Steen C.C. Window Replacement $ 61,891.00
Roblin Park C.C. Outdoor Rink Light Replacement $ 100,000.00
Varsity View C.C. Rink Repair $ 71,296.00
Westdale C.C. Fencing & Equipment Upgrades $ 81,165.00
Westridge C.C. Window & Security Upgrade $ 54,611.00
  Total Awarded $ 513,625.00
Spring 2022
Bord Aire C.C. Windows  $ 58,546.11
Burton Cummings C.C. Security, Exterior Lighting & Flooring Upgrades   $ 28,484.62
Central C.C. Floor Replacement   $ 26,751.90
Chalmers C.C. Facility Upgrades (Countertop, sink, and shelving)  $ 24,601.50
Champlain C.C. Accessibility and Sustainability Upgrades  $ 100,000.00
Dakota C.C. Chiller Replacement   $ 100,000.00
East Elmwood C.C. Office Counter & Soundproofing  $ 19,660.20
Glenwood C.C. Flooring Upgrade   $ 70,687.20
Greendell Park C.C. Asphalt Sport Court  $ 100,000.00
Luxton C.C. Lighting Upgrades  $ 21,442.82
Norquay C.C. Doors, Lighting Upgrade and Bottle Fountain  $ 26,155.77
Northwood C.C. Facility Upgrades  $ 100,000.00
Norwood C.C. Painting, Siding, & Stucco Repairs  $ 100,000.00
Notre Dame C.C. Doors Replacement, Lighting Upgrades and Arena Heaters   $ 80,272.81
Sinclair Park C.C. Interior Renovations (Flooring, Painting of the Gym & Accessibility Actuators)  $ 43,792.35
South Winnipeg C.C. Facility Upgrades (LED lighting, Painting & Sign)  $ 100,000.00
St Norbert C.C. Outdoor Rink Board Replacement  $ 93,803.89
Transcona East End C.C. Indoor Arena Lighting Upgrades  $ 92,848.00
Weston C.C. Facility Upgrades (Replace  Sink, Windows, and Millwork)  $ 95,908.16
Windsor C.C. Replacement of South Hockey Rink   $ 100,000.00
  Total Awarded $ 1,382,955.33
Fall 2021
Lord Roberts C.C. Facility & Security Upgrades (Outdoor Rink, Lighting and Building Envelope) $100,000.00
Morse Place C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovation $88,230.57
Norberry Glenlee C.C. Universal Toilet Room $100,000.00
Red River C.C. Roof Repairs $49,643.00
Robert A. Steen C.C. Craft Room Renovation $43,287.14
Tuxedo C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovation $83,219.00
Valour C.C. Lights & Window Upgrades $100,000.00
Varsity View C.C. Outdoor Rink Repairs $75,000.00
Whyte Ridge C.C. Facility Upgrades (Stucco, Paint & Fencing) $62,812.68
Total Awarded $702,192.39
Spring 2021
Assiniboia West C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $82,284.79
Bourkevale C.C. Outdoor Rink Board Upgrades $100,000.00
Bronx Park C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $100,000.00
Central Corydon C.C. Indoor Rink Board Upgrades $100,000.00
Deer Lodge C.C. Hall Renovation $100,000.00
Fort Garry C.C. Interior Renovations $97,514.68
Garden City C.C. Arena Dehumidifiers and Soccerplex Lights $47,767.00
Gateway C.C. Ice Plant Upgrades $77,658.94
Glenwood C.C. Building Exterior Renovations $100,000.00
Heritage Victoria C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovation $100,000.00
Linden Woods C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $88,441.98
North Kildonan C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $100,000.00
Norwood C.C. Building Exterior Renovations $42,217.93
Riverview C.C. Electrical and Mechanical Upgrades $100,000.00
Roblin Park C.C. Kitchen Upgrades $100,000.00
South Transcona C.C. Mechanical Room Upgrades $25,841.00
South Winnipeg C.C. Facility Upgrades (Washroom, Soffits, Lights, Paint, Cladding) $100,000.00
St. Norbert C.C. Indoor Arena and Mechanical Upgrades $22,904.00
Tyndall Park C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $72,224.35
Vince Leah C.C. Building Exterior Renovations and Flooring $30,743.20
Westdale C.C. Canteen Renovations $98,679.00
Weston C.C. Interior Renovations $86,390.86
Winakwa C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $92,561.01
Total Awarded $1,865,228.74
Fall 2020
Bord-Aire C.C. Washroom and Basement Repair $63,356.25
Burton Cummings C.C Gym Renovation $100,000.00
Chalmers C.C. Building Exterior Renovations $59,364.00
Greendell C.C. Building Exterior Renovations $74,719.55
Luxton C.C. Fire Panel and Window Replacement $70,081.70
Norquay C.C.. Washroom and Flooring Renovations $99,334.34
Notre Dame C.C. Office Renovations, Arena Lighting & Video Camera Upgrades $97,493.69
Oxford Heights C.C. Gym & Washroom Upgrades, and Roof Painting $100,000.00
Ralph Brown C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $100,000.00
Sturgeon Heights C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovations & Security Cameras $94,220.81
Valley Gardens C.C. Door Replacement $56,734.55
Valour C.C. Flooring Upgrade $34,517.20
Varsity View C.C. Ice Plant Upgrades $62,122.48
Whyte Ridge C.C. Washroom Renovations $70,703.96
Woodhaven C.C. Ceiling, Lighting, & Storage Room Upgrades $38,295.17
  Total Awarded $1,120,943.70
Spring 2020
Dakota C.C. Sportsplex, Rink, and Facility Enhancement $100,000.00
Fort Garry C.C. Skate Building Interior Renovations $100,000.00
Garden City C.C. Soccerplex Renovations $100,000.00
Gateway Recreation C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovations $60,000.00
Glenwood C.C. Showers, Lighting and Countertop Upgrades $78,668.58
Linden Woods C.C. Canteen, Kitchen and Mechanical Upgrades $100,000.00
Maples C.C. Kitchen and Arena Upgrades $62,703.65
Melrose Park  C.C. Washroom and Basement Renovations $66,209.20
Northwood C.C. Lighting, Doors, Painting and Various Facility Upgrades $100,000.00
Roblin Park C.C. Outdoor Rink Renovations $100,000.00
Sinclair Park C.C. Security System Upgrades $22,235.01
St. Norbert C.C. Lighting & Security System Upgrades $53.504.96
Tyndall Park C.C. Washroom Renovations and Lighting Upgrade $62,613.60
Vince Leah C.C. Flooring, Painting and Lights $52,804.71
Wildwood C.C. Outdoor Rink Lights $100,000.00
  Total Awarded $1,158,739.71
Fall 2019
Chalmers C.C. Floor Replacement $61,463.85
Norberry-Glenlee C.C. Lighting Upgrade $100,000.00
North Kildonan C.C. Security Camera Upgrade $16,576.00
Notre Dame Community C.C. Interior Renovations $98,067.70
Park City West C.C. Rink Lighting & Interior Renovations $62,835.78
Ralph Brown C.C. Windows & Security Upgrade $40,154.55
Red River C.C. Lighting Upgrade $66,416.00
Riverview C.C. MPR Renovations $100,000.00
South Transcona C.C. Interior Renovations $100,000.00
South Winnipeg C.C. Ice Plant Chiller Replacement $61,291.00
Sturgeon Heights C.C. Office & Interior Renovations $100,000.00
Westdale C.C. Rink Fencing $98,990.00
Whyte Ridge C.C. Air Conditioning, Lighting Upgrade & Painting $84,942.00
Windsor C.C. Lighting Upgrade & Fencing $100,000.00
Woodhaven Park C.C. Flooring & Windows $65,263.00
Total Awarded $ 1,155,999.88
Spring 2019
Dakota C.C. Floor Replacement $50,000.00
Melrose Park C.C. Interior Renovations $45,513.20
Oxford Heights C.C. Lighting Upgrades & Exterior Painting $49,068.70
Southdale C.C. Video Security System Upgrades $49,365.75
Transcona East End C.C. Floor Replacement $37,978.50
Tyndall Park C.C. Floor Replacement $31,815.00
Varsity View C.C. Skate Building Renovations $50,000.00
Weston Memorial C.C. Floor Replacement $50,000.00
Winakwa C.C. Surveillance System & Lighting Upgrades $43,467.88
Total Awarded $407,209.03
Fall 2018
Gateway C.C. Arena Showers Installation $19,150.00
Maples C.C. Change Room Renovations $50,000.00
Park City West C.C. Lighting, Mechanical & Logo Upgrades $6,205.02
Tuxedo C.C. Lighting Upgrades $50,000.00
Valour C.C. LED Lighting Upgrades $20,792.00
Total Awarded $146,147.02
Spring 2018
Assiniboia West C.C. Replacement of Windows, Garage Doors & Flooring $50,000.00
Chalmers C.C. Replacement of Windows, Pot Lights, Automatic Door Openers and Doorbell System $50,000.00
Dakota C.C. Replacement of Flooring, Painting & Installation of Card Access $50,000.00
Fort Garry C.C. Building Repairs & Renovations (Washrooms, Kitchen, Furnace Room, Basement) $39,058.26
Norberry-Glenlee C.C. Replacement of Water Fountain, LED Lighting & Kitchen Upgrades $50,000.00
Norquay C.C. Security Camera Upgrade $32,959.84
Northwood C.C. Electrical & MPR Upgrades $42,398.81
Norwood C.C. Replacement of Lighting, Ceiling Tiles & Painting $50,000.00
Notre Dame C.C. Refurbishing of Mezzanine Washrooms & LED Lighting Upgrades $42,147.90
Robert A. Steen C.C. Kitchen/Canteen Renovation $35,595.00
South Winnipeg C.C. Bathroom & Building Signs $22,863.14
Tyndall Park C.C. New Lighting $3,567.75
Whyte Ridge C.C. Interior Upgrade Painting & Security $9,130.40
Windsor C.C. Installation of Security Cameras $7,051.20
Total Awarded $484,772.30
Fall 2017
Archwood C.C. Window Replacement & Security Cameras $49,471.40
Maples C.C. Kitchen Renovation $29,299.00
Red River C.C. LED Lighting & Fan Replacement $15,391.73
Riverview C.C. Windows & Doors $50,000.00
South Transcona C.C. Accessibility Renovation $50,000.00
St. Norbert C.C. Revitalization of Windows $42,145.00
Westdale C.C. Safety & Security Renovation $9,883.62
Winakwa C.C. Storage & Meeting Room Conversion $50,000.00
Total Awarded $296,190.75
Spring 2017
Assiniboia West C.C. Buchanan Air Conditioning $50,000.00
Chalmers C.C. Interior Renovations $48,970.00
Deer Lodge C.C. Interior Finishes $50,000.00
Glenwood C.C. New Flooring $30,920.00
Lord Roberts C.C. Building Repairs $41,738.00
Melrose Park C.C. New Flooring and Painting $49,861.00
Notre Dame C.C. Electrical and Flooring Improvements $46,867.74
South Winnipeg C.C. Floor Replacement $50,000.00
Tyndall Park C.C. Conversion to Multi-Purpose Room $50,000.00
Valour C.C. Security Upgrades $37,881.00
Woodhaven Park C.C. Main Hall Renovations $50,000.00
Total Awarded $506,237.74
Fall 2016
Sinclair Park C.C. Skate Flooring, Windows, Doors, & Washroom Renovations $50,000.00
West Kildonan C.C. Washroom Renovations $50,000.00
Central C.C. Washroom Renovations $50,000.00
Norquay C.C. Washroom Renovations, Door Replacement & Painting $42,756.54
St. Norbert C.C. Interior Hall Renovations $40,990.00
Tuxedo C.C. Painting, Shelving Repair, Door Replacement $21,880.91
Total Awarded $255,627.45
Spring 2016
Burton Cummings C.C. Gym Lighting Retrofit $50,000.00
Chalmers C.C. Washroom & Flooring Renovations $44,821.00
Dakota C.C. Doors, Flooring & Countertop Replacement $50,000.00
Garden City C.C. Seven Oaks Multi-Pad Arena $216,667.00
Melrose Park C.C. Painting, Door Replacements & Security System $45,436.95
Morse Place C.C. Boiler Replacement $20,905.00
Norberry-Glenlee C.C. Flooring, Windows, Siding, Garage Door & Water Tank Replacement $43,433.77
North Kildonan C.C. Exterior Door Replacements $30,983.50
Park City West C.C. Hot Water Tank Replacement & Security System Upgrades $50,000.00
River Osborne C.C. Hot Water Tank Replacement & Stucco Repairs $29,458.58
Riverview C.C. Hall Renovations $50,000.00
Valley Gardens C.C. Washroom Renovations $50,000.00
Vince Leah C.C. Flooring Replacement $44,454.70
Wildwood C.C. Kitchen/Canteen Renovations $50,000.00
Total Awarded $776,160.50
Fall 2015
Central Corydon C.C. Ventilation System Upgrade $50,000.00
Deer Lodge C.C. Boardroom Conversion $31,650.56
Gateway C.C. Replacement of Arena Dressing Room Flooring $50,000.00
Lindenwoods C.C. Washroom & Multi-purpose Room Upgrades 26,155.00
Northwood C.C. Renovation Project to Main Building & FW Site $50,000.00
Notre Dame C.C. Refurbishment to Arena Change Room Washrooms $50,000.00
Oxford Heights C.C. Door Replacement Project $24,861.00
Tyndall Park C.C. Security Cameras $17,766.00
Valour C.C. (Orioles Site) Gym Renovations $50,000.00
Westdale C.C. Replacement of Hockey Flooring $44,000.00
Windsor C.C. Installation of Wheelchair Lift $50,000.00
Total Awarded $444,432.56
Spring 2015
Central C.C. Flooring Replacement $37,323.00
Chalmers C.C. Flooring & Hot Water Tank Replacement $34,691.15
Melrose Park C.C. Painting, Flooring & Security Camera Upgrades $48,194.00
Norquay C.C. Flooring Replacement & Painting $44,435.00
Norwood C.C. Kitchen Renovation $27,848.20
Red River C.C. Painting $26,686.00
Riverview C.C. Kitchen/Bar Renovation $36,055.00
Roblin Park C.C. Washroom Renovation $50,000.00
Tuxedo C.C. Skate Flooring Upgrade $44,190.00
Vince Leah C.C. Washroom Renovation $48,905.00
Whyte Ridge C.C. Update of Sound System $10,716.40
Wildwood C.C. Flooring Replacement $30,393.00
Garden City C.C. Seven Oaks Multi-Pad Arena $50,000.00
Transcona East End C.C. Arena Expansion $150,000.00
Total Awarded $639,436.75
Fall 2014
Bronx Park C.C. Security Camera $37,896.00
Champlain C.C. Replace Gym Flooring $49,869.00
Greendell Park C.C. Building Exterior Renovations $39,800.00
Notre Dame C.C. Replace Windows & Plumbing Improvements $40,456.00
Park City West C.C. Exterior Light Upgrade & Washroom Renovations $50,000.00
Ralph Brown C.C. Floor & Electrical Renovations $18,258.00
Sturgeon Heights C.C. Acoustic Treatment $44,241.00
South Winnipeg C.C. Main Hall/Lobby Renovations $50,000.00
Transcona East End C.C. Arena Expansion $50,000.00
Westdale C.C. Washroom Renovation $50,000.00
Total Awarded $430,520.00
Spring 2014
Chalmers C.C. Security System & Lighting Upgrades $22,095.00
Heritage Victoria C.C. Security System, Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades $50,000.00
Melrose Park C.C. Bathroom, Kitchen & Shutter Upgrades $37,281.00
Norquay C.C. Gym & Doors Upgrades $48,193.00
Oxford Heights C.C. Bathroom & Hall Upgrades $38,056.00
Robert A. Steen C.C. Hall Upgrades & Painting $48,131.00
St. Norbert C.C. Flooring Renovation $50,000.00
Tuxedo C.C. Bathroom & Floor Upgrades $32,078.00
Garden City C.C. Seven Oaks Multi-Pad Arena $50,000.00
Total Awarded $375,834.00
Fall 2013
Bourkevale C.C. Lighting Upgrade $31,191.00
Garden City C.C. Seven Oaks Multi-Pad Arena $44,000.00
Northwood C.C. Security System Upgrade $24,558.00
Norwood C.C. Bathroom Renovations $50,000.00
Notre Dame C.C. Washroom, Kitchen & Door Upgrades $49,995.00
Sinclair Park C.C. Security System & Flooring Upgrades $32,351.00
Southdale C.C. Washroom & Flooring Upgrades, Acoustic Enhancement $48,784.00
Tyndall Park C.C. Flooring Upgrade $6,084.00
Valley Gardens C.C. Exterior Building Renovation $47,699.00
South Winnipeg C.C. Windows, Doors, Security System Upgrades $21,607.00
Winakwa C.C. Washroom Upgrades $50,000.00
Total Awarded $406,269.00
Spring 2013
Archwood C.C. Kitchen & Washroom Upgrades $21,272.00
Bronx Park C.C. Clara Hughes Park Enhancements $50,000.00
Deer Lodge C.C. Washroom Upgrades $48,775.00
Fort Garry C.C. Window Upgrade $8,127.00
Garden City C.C. Window Upgrades $21,578.00
Norquay Recreation C.C. Lighting, Security Upgrades & Drinking Fountains $37,603.00
Oxford Heights C.C. Mechanical System Replacement $48,954.00
Park City West C.C. Lighting Upgrades $27,620.00
Riverview C.C. Main Hall Renovations $31,790.00
Tuxedo C.C. Painting $8,715.00
Varsity View C.C. Flooring $24,150.00
Whyte Ridge C.C. Flooring & Painting $14,484.00
Wildwood C.C. Washroom Upgrades $49,577.00
Total Awarded $392,645.00
Fall 2012
Bronx Park C.C. Woodshop $50,000.00
Central Corydon C.C. Washroom Upgrades $35,000.00
Dakota C.C. Flooring & Ceiling Tile Replacement $37,588.00
Gateway C.C. Flooring Replacement $50,000.00
Greendell Park C.C. Lighting Upgrades $50,000.00
Linden Woods C.C. Security System $15,068.00
Norberry-Glenlee C.C. Washroom, Security System, Lighting & more $20,000.00
Norquay C.C. AC, Windows, Kitchen & Utility Room Upgrades $15,000.00
River Osborne C.C. Washroom & Change Room Upgrades $45,000.00
Riverview C.C. Hall Upgrades & Security System $10,000.00
Robert A. Steen C.C. Upgrades to Gym, Flooring, Lighting, Ceiling $46,883.00
Vince Leah C.C. Window Replacement $11,494.00
Total Awarded $386,033.00
Spring 2012
Chalmers C.C. Washroom Renovation $25,896.56
Central Winnipeg C.C. Washroom Renovation $50,000.00
Glenwood C.C. Lobby/Dressing Room Painting & Flooring $45,000.00
Heritage Victoria Recreation Interior/Exterior Painting, Hall Flooring Replacement $49,709.00
Luxton C.C. Interior/Exterior Door Replacement $9,239.27
Maples C.C. Dressing Room & Hall Flooring Replacement $50,000.00
Melrose Park C.C. Hall & Kitchen Upgrades $25,369.73
North Kildonan C.C. Gym Ceiling & Lighting Replacement $25,042.00
Northwood C.C. Gym Lighting and Fan Upgrades $24,372.00
Notre Dame C.C. Arena & Dressing Room Floor Replacement $44,292.25
Park City West C.C. Kitchen Upgrades, Gym Painting & Flooring Replacement $50,000.00
Roblin Park C.C. Flooring Replacement $22,034.25
Tuxedo C.C. Preschool Area, Flooring, Skate Building, Interior Painting & Plexiglas Replacement $14,562.53
South Winnipeg C.C. Exterior Painting & Garage Door Replacement $9,801.75
Westdale C.C. Interior/Exterior Painting & Gym Flooring Replacement $47,575.00
Wildwood C.C. Window Replacement $16,475.28
Windsor C.C. Flooring Replacement $50,000.00
Total Awarded $559,369.62

* Actual amount awarded may have changed based on the project scope.

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Last update: June 28, 2023

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