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Human Resources - Careers

The Interview

Screening Interviews

A screening interview is often a step in the selection process for our temporary/seasonal or summer recruitments.

The interview was great. Everyone was very friendly and I was comfortable immediately.
I thought it was thorough and gave me a great understanding of the environment of the position.

What do I need to know?

  • Pre-screening interviews usually take place over the phone, or in person at Human Resources – 5th Floor 180 King St - Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 p.m.
  • If the job that you are applying for requires specific certifications at time of application, then you must bring photocopies of your certifications with you to the screening interview.  We do not provide photocopies of certificates.
  • The screening interview usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.
  • Examples of positions that require screening interviews are:
    • Clerical (Non-Student and Summer) - only applicants who achieve keyboarding (typing) and word processing standards will be interviewed
    • Clerk/Cashier - only applicants who achieve keyboarding (typing) and word processing standards will be interviewed
    • Library Shelver
    • Golf Course Starter
    • Recreation Technician
    • Skate Patrol
    • Student Labourer
    • Student Meter Reader
  • If the job advertisement indicates that a screening interview is required, you must complete this step for your application to continue in the selection process.

What to Expect

You will meet with one of our HR Administrators who will:

  • Review and clarify the information on your resume (e.g. work experience, qualifications, volunteer work).
  • Ensure that all required certificates are valid and included with your application.
  • Confirm that all necessary forms have been completed
  • Ensure testing requirements are met (e.g. keyboarding (typing) and word processing).
  • Ask when you would be available to start work.
  • Provide information about the job to you and answer questions that you have.

Reasonable Accommodation

The City of Winnipeg will make every reasonable effort to accommodate prospective employees under any of the protected grounds of discrimination in accordance with the Manitoba Human Rights Code.

If you are contacted by the City of Winnipeg to schedule an interview and/or employment related assessment, please let the person contacting you know before the interview and/or assessment about any accommodations you may need to enable you to be interviewed and/or assessed in a fair and equitable manner.

Any information you provide to us about your accommodation needs will be treated confidentially. Examples of types of accommodation requests may include: providing assessment documents in an alternate format or extra time for interviews and/or employment related assessments.

Pre-employment Computer Testing

Some positions at the City may require you to complete a Keyboarding or MS Word test. If you are selected for testing, you will receive an email with a link to complete the testing remotely (i.e., on a home computer). Please note that the City conducts testing through SkillCheck, a third-part provider; the testing invitation email will be sent from SkillCheck. If you would prefer to complete the test in person at the Talent Acquisition Services, please call the Branch to schedule an appointment at 204-986-3902.

The following information may be helpful:

Remote Testing

Minimal computer skills are needed to complete the test(s). You simply need to navigate to the link provided in the testing invitation email, enter your name and job posting number you applied to, and complete the tests.

Tips for Completing Your Online Test

  • Set aside sufficient time to complete the test.  It can take anywhere from 5 – 45 minutes to complete the test(s)
  • Plan to take the test in a quiet, comfortable location.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is strong; once the test(s) start they cannot be stopped and restarted.

Technical Support

If you encounter any technical issues during your test, the system will generate a link to send a ticket for support.  We also ask that you contact the Staffing and Diversity Branch so that we may re-send a testing link.  Note that the system can detect the difference between a technical failure and a test stopped by the user; additional testing links will only be sent where technical issues are confirmed.

In-Person Testing

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Where do I go for the keyboarding (typing) and word processing test appointment?
180 King Street, 4th Floor
Human Resources
How long does the test take?

You should allow approximately 45 minutes for this appointment.

  • 10 minutes for the keyboarding(typing) test
    • (1) - 3 minute keyboarding (typing) warm up and,
    • (1) - 5 minute keyboarding (typing) test.
  • 35 minutes to complete the word processing (Microsoft Word) test.
    • (1) – 5 minute test tutorial and,
    • (1) – 30 minute (maximum) evaluation.
What score do I need to achieve for the keyboarding (typing) and word processing test
  • The Net typing speed will be stated in the job posting. Most of our clerical positions require 20 or 40 wpm net typing speed (the net typing speed is calculated by doubling the number of errors before deducting that number from the gross typing speed).
  • Most of our clerical positions require a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, being a 65% score (this being the average final score based on approximately 35 questions).
I did not achieve the level required for my keyboarding (typing) test

If you did not achieve the required net in typing then you will not be tested in Microsoft Word or receive a screening interview. If you applied to a job opening for a Clerical Inventory, your application will remain on file for any clerical jobs not requiring a keyboarding speed.

I did not achieve the level required for the Microsoft Word test

If you did not achieve 65% on your word processing test then you will not have a screening interview. If you applied to a job opening for a Clerical Inventory, your application will remain on file for any clerical jobs not having a word processing requirement.

I achieved the levels required for both tests.

If you did achieve the required Net in keyboarding (typing) and the 65% on your word processing test then you will have a screening interview.

I applied to two positions and they both require keyboarding (typing) and word processing tests.

If you achieved the required levels (both tests) for the first position that you applied to, this will also be applied to the other position. You will not need to be tested again.

If you did not achieve the keyboarding (typing) test for the first position, your application will not go to the next level of the hiring process for that position. However, you will be able to test again for the second position you applied to.

For how long will my keyboarding and word processing scores be valid?

If you achieved the required levels, these will be kept on file for reference to applications made within a 3 month period only. When calling to book a testing appointment, please let us know if you have tested within the past 3 months as your scores may be applicable to the position you are applying to.

I require accommodation for the testing. What should I do?

When calling to arrange for your appointment for testing (204-986-3902), please indicate that you require accommodation. One of our staff will be in contact with you to discuss this further.

Additional Documentation

Some positions require that you provide additional documentation with your application or at a later stage of the selection process. Examples of types of documents that might be requested are:

Criminal Record Checks

Some positions with the City of Winnipeg require a Criminal Record Check. Such positions include but are not limited to those that:

  • Are responsible for the personal welfare of protection of members of the public,
  • Have custody of and/or access to confidential material,
  • Have financial responsibility such as the collection or distribution of public funds.

The advertisement will indicate if a criminal record check is required.

Applicants to such positions will be required to obtain a Criminal Record Check, at their expense, prior to being offered the position. Information on the criminal record check process will be provided during the selection process.

A criminal record, in and of itself, is not a barrier to securing a position with the City of Winnipeg. When a person with a criminal record is being considered for appointment to a designated position, the record will be reviewed with consideration of the specific responsibilities of the position.


Certification in Emergency First Aid Level B or C CPR is often required for our summer positions.
Information on these courses is available from:

  • St. John’s Ambulance and Red Cross (courses are offered year round)
  • Check with your local High School(some offer these courses)
  • City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide

The costs will vary depending on which courses you take and whether you are being re-certified.

School Transcripts

Proof of education, and/or transcripts of marks from Grade School, University/College or other learning program may be required as part of the application or selection process.

Last update: January 23, 2023
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