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Public Works

Lyndale Drive Retaining Wall Construction

This project is now complete.

Lyndale Drive forms a portion of the City’s primary diking system to defend against flooding along the Red River. The riverbank has a history of instability, and the existing timber retaining wall between Gauvin Ave. and Monck Ave. is nearing the end of its design life. A study was completed in 2016 and a design to improve riverbank stabilization was selected. Construction will take place November 2016 to fall of 2017.

Project Updates

Update September 2017:

The Lyndale Drive Retaining Wall project is now substantially complete and we would like to thank you for your patience during construction. The project included removal of an aging timber retaining wall, installation of rockfill columns for riverbank stabilization, roadway re-alignment, a lower bank granular trail with seating, a limestone terrace, and re-vegetation.

The City of Winnipeg Naturalist Services Branch recently seeded the riverbank with grasses and wildflower mixes, with additional plantings to be installed later this fall. The silt fence, which serves to protect the riverbank at this time, will remain in place until the plants establish, and will be removed before winter 2017. The plant palette has been carefully selected by Naturalist Services to reflect a natural riverbank plant community and to prevent soil erosion. Some of the plantings likely to be installed are Sandbar Willow, Riverbank Grape, Currant, Red-Osier Dogwood, Buffaloberry, and Nannyberry. There is a two-year maintenance period for the new tree plantings. This will ensure that the trees are well cared for, and in the event that any fail to thrive, they will be replaced with new healthy specimens.

Thank you again for your patience during construction and we hope you enjoy the improved riverbank and roadway!

Update April 2017:

The Lyndale Drive riverbank stabilization construction project will resume on May 1, 2017. As a result of summer construction activities on the riverbank and road, Lyndale Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic between the intersections of Monck Avenue to Gauvin Street between May and August 2017. For more information, please see the summer construction update.

Update March 2017:

The winter phase of the Lyndale Drive riverbank stabilization construction project is nearly complete. Lyndale Drive will be re-opened to traffic in early March. Additional details can be found in this roadway re-opening notice EN | FR. A second closure of Lyndale Drive will be required in the spring and summer months to accommodate completion of roadway and sidewalk construction. Additional updates will be provided at that time.

Update November 2016:

Council approved funding for this project on November 16, 2016. A construction contract has been awarded to Nelson River Construction Inc. to complete the proposed works. The existing retaining wall will be removed and Lyndale Drive between Monck Avenue and Gauvin Street will be shifted 0.9 m northward. Roadway rehabilitation and active transportation upgrades will also be undertaken as part of this project. Construction is expected to begin in late November, 2016. Lyndale Drive will be closed to traffic from Monck Avenue to Gauvin Street for the duration of construction. Additional details related to construction activities can be viewed in the Notice of Construction EN |FR. Construction updates will be communicated to residents as the project progresses.

Update September 2016:

The study is now complete. After careful consideration of the public feedback, together with engineering requirements and financial considerations, a recommended design has been determined. The recommended design incorporates design elements from both Options 1 and 2 originally presented at the Open House held on May 12, 2016; requiring a 0.9 m northward shift in the alignment of Lyndale Drive (between Monck Avenue and Gauvin Street), while at the same time featuring a 2.6 m wide pedestrian sidewalk, and a 3.0 m wide gravel trail on the lower riverbank.

Detailed design will proceed through the Fall of 2016. Subject to Council approval of project funding, construction is anticipated to begin in December 2016 and proceed through to the summer of 2017. The project team thanks the community of Norwood and all the participants who provided valuable feedback during the study. A detailed summary of the public engagement process is available in the Public Engagement Report.

Project Timeline

Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline


In 1976, over 500 meters of timber pile retaining wall was constructed along Lyndale Drive to help stabilize the riverbank and protect the primary dike, roadway, and underground utilities. Decay of the timber piles, along with further destabilization of the riverbank have resulted in the need for an engineering study to look at options for replacement of the aging retaining wall. As recently as 2013, partial failures of the retaining wall have threatened important City infrastructure.

A study was completed in 2016 and consisted of geotechnical investigation, analysis of the riverbank, and assessment of the condition of the retaining wall. The public had an opportunity to provide feedback at various stages throughout the project. Replacement concepts were developed and a recommended design was selected.

The primary objective of the project is to develop a preferred preliminary design which improves the reliability of the primary dike, protects the road structure and nearby utilities, at the same time enhancing the riverbank area. Where technically and economically feasible, enhancements to pedestrian and cycling facilities will be incorporated into the redesigned riverfront area.


Document Name Date Type
Summer Construction Update 2017-04-27 Community Letter
Roadway Re-Opening Notice 2017-02-25 Community Letter
Recommended design - graphic 2016-08-03 Report
Public Engagement Report 2016-06-07 Report
Lyndale Drive Retaining Wall Study 2016-01-20 Presentations
Winnipeggers invited to a public open house about the Lyndale Drive Retaining Wall Study 2016-04-28 News Release
Public invited to meeting regarding Lyndale Drive retaining wall study 2016-01-21 News Release
Canstar Lance Bilingual 2016-01-17 Advertisements
Update - September 2016 / Mise à jour - septembre 2016 Bilingual 2016-09-02 Community Letters
Séance publique Hiver 2016 / Public meeting notice Winter 2016 Bilingual 2016-01-01 Community Letters
Open House Materials 2016-05-12 Story Boards
Notice of Construction 2016-11-21 Community Letters
Open House / Portes ouvertes Invitation - Bilingual 2016-04-25 Community Letters
Study Timeline 2016-07-28 Timeline
Canstar Lance Bilingual 2016-04-25 Advertisements


An open house for area residents was held on May 12, 2016 at the Norwood Community Centre.

✅ View the open house information boards: EN | FR

For further information or to provide your feedback you may contact 311, or contact:

HTFC Planning and Design
Ph: 204-944-9907

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will active transportation be incorporated into this project?

Riverbank stabilization projects have been identified as an excellent opportunity to expand Winnipeg’s pedestrian and cycling facilities. Between Gauvin Ave. and Monck Ave., a 2.6 m wide pedestrian sidewalk and a 3.0 m wide gravel trail on the lower riverbank will be added.

Date updated: November 21, 2016

What will be done to protect environmentally sensitive areas and the Red River?

An environmental assessment was carried out during the engineering study to identify and mitigate potential issues. Various regulatory agencies were consulted during the engineering study, and construction works will abide by all regulatory requirements. For example, during construction the river will be protected from harmful silt-laden runoff by the use of silt fence barriers. The entire construction site will be restored with environmentally appropriate vegetation.

Date updated: November 21, 2016

What impacts are expected during construction?

The City will work to mitigate construction impacts as much as possible. As a result of winter construction activities on the riverbank, Lyndale Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic and parking between the intersections of Monck Avenue to Gauvin Street between November 2016 and March 2016. The intersections of Lyndale Drive and Monck Avenue, and Gauvin Street will remain open during this time. A pedestrian corridor will be maintained along the north side of Lyndale Drive throughout the road closure period.

Following completion of the winter construction works, Lyndale Drive will be re-opened to traffic. A second closure of Lyndale Drive will be required in the spring and summer months to accommodate roadway and sidewalk construction, as well as riverbank revegetation. The work is planned for completion by the fall of 2017. Residents should expect increased truck traffic, and the potential for delays when travelling through the construction areas.

Construction work will be carried out between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, however some construction work may be necessary outside of these hours or on weekends or holidays.

Date updated: November 21, 2016

What route will construction vehicles take?

Under current City Bylaws, trucks are required to use designated truck routes up to the closest intersection to the point of delivery. Construction traffic will be routed to the work site per City by-laws.

Date updated: November 21, 2016

What about the impact of heavy construction equipment and vehicles on the street?

The City acknowledges that the presence of construction traffic in the neighborhood is not ideal. The design team will work to mitigate any impacts by limiting the traffic to between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday as much as possible.

Date updated: November 21, 2016

How will this project impact existing properties?

All proposed works are confined to City owned property. As with any construction project, there will be temporary impacts during construction which may include traffic and parking disruption due to street work.

Date updated: November 21, 2016


Traffic Closure Map
Lyndale Drive

Last update: November 8, 2019

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